Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mercy and Justice

In late 1970s a group of artist of Lomonosov's factory started a new project. The goal was to  create porcelain copies of the statues from  the Summer Garden Park in St. Petersburg. The Summer Garden was largely completed in 1719. The walks were lined with a hundred allegorical marble sculptures, executed by Francesco Penso, Pietro Baratta, Marino Gropelli, Alvise Tagliapietra, Bartolomeo Modulo and other Venetian sculptors.

  It took almost 2 decades to complete the project. 
The figurines "Mercy" and "Justice" were created in 1999 by artist Olga Belova-Veber   at  Lomonosov Factory. LFZ is the first in the country to have worked out technology and set up production of thin-walled bone china items which are notable for enhanced whiteness, thinness and transparency in comparison with traditional hard porcelain. All figurines were made out of white unglazed porcelain and have a great decorative look.

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