Monday, March 7, 2011

Art of Transformation - From 2D to 3D

First cut , fold and tape - Sounds simple. That's the way how the page from an illustrated magazine was converted into 3D sculpture. This object clearly shows the influence of his earlier work in industrial design in its simplicity and flowing lines.

Rumanian born American studio jeweler Paul Lobel (1899 - 1983) was also a sculptor and designer of glass, furniture and silver hollowware. He had a studio/shop in New York's Greenwich Village in the 1940s and 50s. His work has been included in many museum exhibitions and he was at the forefront of the American Modernist studio jewelry movement. Biographies of Paul Lobel and photographs of his work can be found in both of my books,Modernist Jewelry, 1930-1960, The Wearable Art Movement and Form & Function, American Modernist Jewelry, 1940 - 1970 and his work was included in the exhibit "American Modernist Jewelry, 1940 - 1970" at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, 2008.