Saturday, March 9, 2013

Design with Nature - Natural Compositions in a Woodland Setting

If you are looking for new ideas you are in a right place. Here I'll show how to use a natural birch bark to create a cuff with a distinctive rustic look.
Materials needed:      
- birch bark 
- moss
- floral foam
- floral tape
- foil or plastic wrap
- rubber bands
- floral pins
Let's start. Cut floral foam in a form of cube. Wrap the cube in foil or plastic leaving the top open  and stick ends down with a scotch tape.
Clean bark with brush and warm water and have it enough to wrap the perimeter of the cube securing it with floral pins   as you can see on pictures. Mount moss on a top using pins. And the base is ready for fresh flowers.                                                                 

This base is perfect for medium to small flowers fresh -cut or dried. This natural compositions in a woodland setting will create a focal point in the any rooms, draw a lot of attention.

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